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Latest News Headlines

Murder Probe As 'Disabled' Children Found Dead

A murder investigation is launched as three young children with "life-limiting genetic conditions" are found dead in London. [more]


Madeleine Police Probe Five New Assault Cases

Detectives investigate new reports of a lone intruder abusing young British girls in holiday apartments in the Algarve. [more]


Missing Plane: Material Washes Ashore In Oz

Investigators hope the discovery of objects six miles off the coast will help unravel the mystery of flight MH370. [more]


Moyes Breaks Cover On Manchester United Exit

The sacked coach breaks his silence to thank his predecessor, club staff and United fans - but fails to mention the players. [more]


Dying Teen's Fundraising Page Passes £1m

Terminally ill West Midlands teenager Stephen Sutton reaches his goal after celebrities back his fundraising drive. [more]


Divers Smashing Ferry Walls To Recover Bodies

One diver looking for victims in the sea says he finds it "hard to be brave when we meet bodies in dark water". [more]


Is Boris On His Bike Back To Westminster?

The grassroots party favourite seeks to shrug off rumours he will seek a return to Westminster at the 2015 general election. [more]


Snorkellers Saved By Huge SOS Scrawled In Sand

A giant SOS message saves five friends stranded on rocks without food and water, after their boat broke anchor and drifted away. [more]


Kate And William Find Their Groove On The Decks

The Royal couple delight an audience at an Australian youth centre by showing off their musical talents on the turntables. [more]


Twitter Campaign Backfires For New York Police

A request for pictures of officers being friendly in New York leads to users tweeting images of police 'brutality' instead. [more]