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Alex Salmond Quits After Scotland Votes No

The First Minister says "for Scotland ... the dream shall never die" following his country's rejection of independence. [more]


Salmond Quits: Nationalism Loses Its Face

Despite a brief expulsion from the SNP, the consummate tactician has been a key figure in the party's resurgence. [more]


Queen: All Of UK Will Respect Scotland Vote

Police separate Yes and No supporters in Glasgow as the Queen says she hopes emotions can be "tempered" by understanding. [more]


Alice Gross: Police Search Property Near Canal

Detectives investigating the teen's disappearance find a bike belonging to suspect Arnis Zalkalns as they search his former home. [more]


Thailand: CCTV Of British Man Killed On Beach

Police insist those responsible for the deaths of two young British tourists on the island of Koh Tao will be brought to justice. [more]


Saturday's National Newspaper Front Pages

Sky News takes a look at the stories making a splash on the front pages of Saturday's national newspapers. [more]


First French Airstrikes On IS 'Kill Dozens'

French president Francois Hollande says the jets "entirely destroyed" an Islamic State logistics depot in northern Iraq. [more]


'Monster' Doctor Jailed For Drowning Wife

The father-of-eight drugged the former beauty queen before holding her head underwater in the bath. [more]


Man Drops New iPhone Seconds After Buying It

Delight turns to despair as the Apple fan opens the box containing his new prized possession and it crashes to the floor. [more]


British Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Planes

RAF Lossiemouth sends up Typhoon jets to identify Russian military 'Bears', in what is described as a "milestone" operation. [more]